Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Nick Mono musically relays the cruciality of both time and companionship in new single

With the song ‘All that you do’ being recently released, the nineteen year old singer Nick Mono is rising into stardom in ways only a minute percentage of people could dream of.

The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer is undeniably talented, and has given his listeners some incredible songs. Continuously, Mono produces chord progressions and riffs like no other, with meaningful and well thought out lyrics co-operating to form an awesome sound. 

The chorus’ impactful lyrics opening the song result in an anticipation for what’s to come. Particularly in the line “Don’t need no time to myself” can his listeners hear the emotionalism of the song’s message; this is how overwhelming the advance of time can be in any relationship and the way that clocks appear to tick faster than ever when you least expect them to.

The concept of time being first introduced in the line “Then time’s not against us no more”  supports this, informing fans of the feelings evoked by the shortness of the concept, and how big of a factor it has the potential to be in a relationship. The title lyric thrusts upon fans the huge importance other people have in life and in every aspect of it; the world cannot work if everybody isolates themselves thus the need for companionship is highlighted. 

The guitar riffs are powerful and superior, as though lifted above from a crowd of adequacy. They demonstrate the raw talent in this song, and act as a perfect example of the beauty that can come from music; the sliding sound causes an infectious pleasure to sweep the ears of listeners. The overall instrumental sound is phenomenal, taking listeners on a joyous journey and providing a rhythm of consistency but also surprise; the beat is constant and gives the song a sense of confidence which is then contrasted by the sudden riffs and solos played.

Nick Mono’s talent seems to grow with every wonderful song released, leaving listeners wondering how he surpasses anyone’s wildest expectations every time. 

Abby Price


Image: Nick Mono ‘All That You Do’ Official Single Cover

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