Friday, November 05, 2021

‘How To Steal The World’: the brand-new album to come from Liverpudlian lads, Red Rum Club

Liverpool lads, Red Rum Club, have gifted their fans an early Christmas present with their brand-new album ‘How To Steal The World’.

They teased listeners with the release of four electric singles, giving a sneak peek into their third record; a beautiful mix of songs that perfectly capture their essence as a band.

 It’s clear they aren’t afraid to experiment with different styles and they know exactly how to add their signature sound in a way that makes the tracks distinct. 


Being in lockdown gave the boys the time to write a collection of songs that truly highlight who they are as a band. Each song is filled with a great deal of meaning, exploring themes everyone goes through at one point or another. Another great thing about them as a band is they write tunes that are relatable. These down-to-earth lads truly do make exceptional music.


The album opens up with their most recent single ‘Drown’ which is written almost as a love letter to their hometown of Liverpool. The happy, upbeat nature of the tune amplifies their feelings towards the city. This ode to their roots makes it clear to see they are proud of where they come from. It also acts as a great track to sing along to so fans from all over the world can join in and truly appreciate the beauty of Liverpool. 


‘Vibrate’ tells the story of the trials and tribulations of relationships. The structure of the song with the strong bassline and the use of keys represents the inner conversation when trying to figure out what to do. In contrast, ‘Summer Lover’ comes next, hinting at an intense and fleeting love; A powerful connection that is over in the blink of an eye. The shortness of the track and the upbeat nature compliment the theme perfectly.


‘Eighteen’ is a beautiful acoustic number from the band, showing fans a slightly different side to their music. Joe’s trumpet perfectly compliments Francis’ vocals in a way that adds an exceptional level of depth to the track. The great thing about this tune is there is still a hint of Scouse Americana but they’ve experimented with it in a different form and it has elevated their music even further. 


Title track ‘How To Steal The World’ is a sure fire hit. The joyous nature of the song instantly puts anyone listening in a good mood. It seems like the kind of song that would unite people. People with differing opinions come together when this song is played.


‘Sweet Degrees’ and ‘Monaco’  both start with an Americana inspired tune, especially on the former track with the added vocals. The two songs show exactly who Red Rum Club are as a band, six lads from Liverpool that are using their music to reach and uplift people. Meanwhile, ‘Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved’ is a softer song and very heart-warming in comparison to ‘Night Calling’– a song that certainly packs a punch. 


The final song on the album ‘Beautiful Mind’  closes the record perfectly. It seems to sum up the journey fans will go on whilst listening to each and every track. It feels like watching a film and this is the equivalent to the end credits. It also makes listeners excited to hear what will come next from the band and where they will go from here.


‘How To Steal The World’  is arguably their best album yet but that’s been said for their past two albums, so that just proves how exceptional they are. They are on the up and it will be an honour to watch them grow and evolve, so don’t miss out on joining this wonderful band on their journey.


Catherine Frediani


Image: 'How To Steal The World' Official Album Cover


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