Thursday, November 25, 2021

FLOWVERS’ ‘Far Away’ takes indie-rock to new heights

With the release of their latest single ‘Far Away’, FLOWVERS have put their musical prowess on full display. Angsty, raw, and exhilarating, the track proves the Portsmouth indie-rock quartet’s capability to create a soundscape packed with pure fun.

‘Far Away’ carries all of the energy of the band’s debut EP, ‘Throwaway Generation’, but with a somewhat darker, more mature tone than the youthful rock sound fans have come to expect. The track is raucous and loud but with a sense of control. Packed with heavy guitars, a driving beat, and an exhilaratingly punchy bassline, ‘Far Away’ explodes with passion and excitement. Matisse Moretti’s vocals soar above the delicious chaos of the instrumental. 

The track opens with a catchy guitar hook before bursting to life as the pounding drums, bass and guitar come in. The verses are slightly more toned down, giving Moretti’s vocals the spotlight but accentuated by guitar fills. The chorus, on the other hand, lets loose the full power of the band’s huge sound, the guitar and bass driving heavy and full. Stanley Powell shines on guitar with a spectacular sound, particularly in the stunning, guitar-heavy lead-up to the bridge. After building to a dizzying climax, the instrumental and bridge take the song all the way down with a quieter intensity. They build back up with a frenzied, pulsating beat as Moretti comes back in.

The song explores the need to escape, something that many people have become familiar with during the pandemic. Speaking to IndieCentralMusic, the band says, “The lyrics talk about angst, a recurrent theme in our songs. Lines like ‘Take me so far away’ captured the feeling of a lockdown where one may have felt like they had nowhere to go.”

The song captures the essence of this feeling, both in music and lyrics, to create a sense of pure escapism. With its huge sound and easily danceable beat, it’s easy to imagine ‘Far Away’ filling a stadium with sound and keeping crowds on their feet. With the return of live music, this track is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Bella DeSouza-Cook
Image: ‘Far Away’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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