Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Fake Turins Are Back And Better Than Ever With Their New Single ‘Afterwards’

Anyone who has their finger on the pulse of the disco and psychedelic genre or anyone who desperately wants a Talking Heads revival, look no further: Fake Turins.

More than a mere band, this audio-visual collective, led by Dominic Rose, come together to create some truly impressive soundscapes to underpin their almost spoken-word poetry lyricism. Causing a stir with their debut EP ‘Time Flowers Now’ back in July of this year, their newest single ‘Afterwards’ is only another step forward in their upwards trajectory.

What makes Fake Turins so magnetic is this feeling of community they bring to the table. In a music industry where despondency and isolation are arguably cornerstones, Fake Turins dared to make something truly collaborative and bigger than themselves and for this they should be lauded. And this is what shines through in their music.

One gets the sense that experimentation is never far from the creative process for them, however Rose manages to reign some of the more freeform musical moments under some malaise-filled lyrics. Conducting what is often a twelve-piece ensemble is no mean feat and Rose is the man for the task. Ultimately however, the experimental sounds of this bunch of artists is what makes the Fake Turins so unique and in turn what makes this single so unique.

‘Afterwards’ is particularly artful with enough variation to keep the listener engaged but not so much as to confuse. The song builds a strong foundation under the rhythmic lyrics with definite cadences of David Byrne. However the music definitely plays with different moods; at times sounding cinematic due to the artful use of saxophone, with other parts of the song sounding almost frantic, lending a nice juxtaposition to what is foundationally a groove-tune. This song defies explanation and it is all the more interesting for that.

Gracing streaming platforms on November 25th, ‘Afterwards’ is one to look out for.


Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Afterwards’ Official Single Cover

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