Monday, November 22, 2021

Certainly Not A Repeat: Lucy Dacus Stuns With Re-Release ‘Thumbs Again’

Time for the tissues it seems - Lucy Dacus has released another version of her standout track ‘Thumbs’ from her album ‘Home Video’, titled ‘Thumbs Again’. Because apparently one round of heartbreak seemingly was not enough.

This song first made its appearance while Dacus was touring with her collaborative project boygenius and one can hear the mutual influence Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker had on each other’s sounds.

Between the light folk, the vulnerable lyrics and the darker notes in the instrumental, these women are defining indie sound right now. ‘Thumbs’ became a quick fan-favourite and it’s easy to understand why. Mesh breathtaking vocals with heart wrenching lyricism about platonic love and supporting a friend through trauma; there are aspects of this song that everyone can relate to.

Dacus slots perfectly into the current movement in indie and indie rock music of brutal honesty in writing, with her intensely visceral descriptions of her anger in ‘Thumbs’ sometimes becoming almost overwhelming. This anger, presented beautifully in the original version of ‘Thumbs’, is really brought to the forefront in ‘Thumbs Again’.

This is largely due to the full-band arrangement. The arrangement itself is not overpowering, relying instead on a few well-placed instruments to create a fleshed out and impactful sound, knowing exactly when to build and when to draw back.The guitar is soft and melancholic which contrasts beautifully with some of the harsher bass notes. All of this flows around Dacus’ vocals, ebbing and flowing much like the emotions that she brings to the table. 

Particularly exciting is that this release accompanies an announcement that Dacus will be touring across the United States in February and March of 2022. Audiences should prepare themselves for ‘Thumbs Again’; a song which carries new weight and magnitude. It is well worth a listen to re-experience this song as new.


Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Thumbs Again’ Official Single Cover

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