Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Become a Lunar-tic for SLANT’s 'Eat The Moon'

Alternative Indie, Neo-Glam band SLANT reside in Brighton, but argue they harbour the origins of fleeting visitors from another universe. Their out-of-this world minds have conjured up a third single aptly named 'Eat The Moon'. In an infinite battle against mundane music, SLANT makes a stand with this powerful new track.

The track opens up with a simple strumming pattern from the guitar and the opening line: "go to a restaurant and I order for myself" - this lyric develops complex themes laid within the song such as isolation and escapism. Delivered in a much lower tone than the rest of the song, the female vocals compel the listener with their dynamic range.

"I close my eyes and there I find / The land that lives inside my mind"

A separate version of the people around her exist within her mind. The protagonist also finds herself travelling to that place, alluding to the idea that she is avoiding the realities of her life - her mind is a refuge.

"Give me a little piece / Give me a little peace of mind" - a clever homonym in which the listener is informed that perhaps this world is in fact not so much an escape, but in fact a prison. The piece she may be searching for is likely a piece of reality in which she can ground herself, rather than seeking peace inside the world she has built to shelter herself. 

The track concludes with a bittersweet ending, breaking down into an almost chaotic piece of music with intense singing. SLANT manages to build a story and create a unique song, all the while introducing the listener to what makes them different from the crowd. As SLANT moves forward, it is certain that they will eclipse the competition with songs like 'Eat The Moon'.

Gregor Ball


Image: ‘Eat The Moon’ Official Single Cover

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