Thursday, November 04, 2021

All We Are shows us their latest musical offering with ‘Eden'

Liverpudlian trio, Richard O’Flynn, Guro Gikling & Luis Santos, together form This Is All We Are, or All We Are for short. They first arrived on the music scene back in 2011, a full ten years ago, and in that time, they have come a long way since and have recently made their third record, 'Providence'

One of the songs from their new album 'Providence' is a nice little tune called 'Eden’ which makes for a smooth, fluid and harmonious listening experience. It is an intriguing, yet creative, amalgamation of psychedelic guitar rock with disco and a little bit of electronic added in, with soft, silky yet edgy vocals by both Richard and Guro.

Making music in a similar vein to American band, MGMT, 'Eden' explores the themes of sensuality, relationships and intimacy and it does it in a way that is not over the top.

“So come on over to my place/We’ll drink wine and sleep, we’ll drink wine and sleep, we’ll drink wine and sleep… all day”

As singers, both Guro and Richard are so well matched as their voices are a complete contrast from each other; when you hear Guro sing, she has a lighter, smoother and melodic vocals whereas when Richard sings, he has a lower, edgier and somewhat gritter vocals. When you put them both together it creates a colourful, and wider musical landscape in the song that reaches the hit notes but is also filled with sensual emotion.

An amazing track in itself, 'Eden' is a sweeping musical concoction of psychedelic rock, mixed in with some midnight electronic disco and drum beats, set to an interesting narrative that tells quite a good story that entices the listener even further.

Keep a good musical ear out for these three, we can expect some brilliant things to come from them and if their new song is anything to go by then 'Providence' should be full of great musical gems.

Adam Joel Humphreys


Image: 'Eden' Official Single Cover

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