Monday, November 15, 2021

‘3D Feelings’ is immersive indie-pop at its finest

18-year-old spirited indie icon Alfie Templeman has returned with ‘3D Feelings’, his latest release since his second studio album ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’.

Known for his danceable melodies and youthful vocals, this latest single gives the listener more of what we know and love from the English singer-songwriter.

The track opens with a definitive electric guitar solo paired with an acoustic backing. Gradually turning electronic and crescendoing with the help of a rolling drumbeat, the opening 20 seconds of the track are enough to set out the stellar instrumentation on the song.

Throughout the single, Templeman lives up to the metaphorical title of ‘3D Feelings’ as he employs immersive instrumentation and synths to make the listener feel completely involved. This makes the lyricism of ‘’I see three dimensional feelings, bouncing off of the ceiling, coming off of the wall’’ come to life. When paired with the trippy graphics in the song’s music video, which also portrays Templeman’s talent as an artist as he is captured playing drums, piano, guitar and bass, the full effect comes to fruition.

The fun-loving feel draws parallels to Templeman’s previous releases, particularly ‘Wait, I Lied’, as the youthful energy exudes in the naïve and carefree nature of the song. Often singing of tropes of love in his discography, he plays up to this once again with ‘’you give me three dimensional feelings’’ and ‘’your touch feels so electric at my fingertips,’’ which exude anthemic energy, especially when accompanied with the captivating and memorable instrumental backing.

3D Feelings’ aptly continues Templeman’s trajectory to becoming a big name in the indie-pop scene. Eager fans can catch the singer on his headline tour next year, where ‘3D Feelings’, a rhythmic immersion of a song, can be further brought to life on stage.



Amrit Virdi

@_amritvirdi / @thevinylwriter

Image: ‘3D Feelings’ Official Single Cover


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