Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The calming electro-pop beats of Porij emanate throughout new EP ‘Baby Face’

To say that lo-fi house band Porij started from humble beginnings may be an understatement. The foursome (being Eggy on vocals, Tommy on guitar, Jammo on bass and Tom on drums) were occupying the same halls of residence at university, studying the same course at the Royal College of Music in Manchester, and casually making music. 

A twist of fate brought them to the stage when a band made a last-minute cancellation at a gig. From there, Porij have gained a cult following and, after a string of popular singles, a spot on the 6 Music Playlist. Now they are continuing their brand of fun-loving dance music with their second EP ‘Baby Face’.

Opening with the chill guitar led ‘Nobody Scared’, the track could be easily imagined playing at any boutique coffee shop within a five-mile radius. Lead vocalist and keyboardist, Eggy, has echoes of Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell and her gentle, airy vocals float over the relaxing electro instrumentals.

Ego’ continues the serene vibe, while adding danceable 808 drum beats. The EP is brilliantly produced, bringing out the bass and allowing all of the instruments and vocals to breathe naturally.  

Divine’ is a funky track, a dancefloor filler that appears to have an appreciation for early 2000s pop beats (and is even slightly reminiscent of Jamiroquai). These songs radiate with passion and a real feel good, light-hearted touch. Music for dancing and relaxing.

The EP closes out with ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Heaven Knows’, two melodic synth-based tracks that are full of energy and clubbing potential (even if they stick a little too rigidly to Porij’s aesthetic blueprint).

The band first made waves with their debut EP in 2020, titled ‘Breakfast’. One of the singles, ‘Dirty Love’, showed a real knowledge and appreciation of joyful rhythmic dance music. Their first single, 2019’s ‘I Like That’ also caught the attention of both fans and critics, demonstrating the same acoustic free flowing vibes as a band like Moloko.

In a way, ‘Baby Face’ is a continuation of the style formed on the band’s first EP While this may be more of the same, the content is still of a high quality and Porij seem keen to build on the tones and pop sensibility that they excel at.

Porij have proven themselves when it comes to well produced house tracks. For such a young act, they exude a confidence that is to be admired and a carefree style that will ensure that their popularity will continue to grow.

Josh Lambie


Image: Porij 'Baby Face' Official EP Cover (Press)

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