Monday, October 04, 2021

Peach Pit confirm their place in your autumn playlist with new single ‘Up Granville’

Autumn is quickly becoming a reality and as the nights come sooner and the leaves turn golden Peach Pit have perfectly timed their new single to soundtrack our reintroduction with the orange months.

‘Up Granville’ is first we have heard from the Canadian band consisting of singer and guitarist Neil Smith, lead guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy, bassist Peter Wilton, and drummer Mikey Pascuzzi since 2020 and they have not let their fans down with this nostalgic sounding single, following the usual indie pop style expected from the group.

The song begins with a joyful major sounding instrumental led by a distinctive guitar riff for 30 seconds before hearing the soft, comforting tones of the lead singer. The singer is continuously complimented by the addictive riff of the guitar heard previously in the intro.

While the song brings initial warmth and safety to the listener, changing the focus to the lyrics brings a sadder understanding to the track. The lyrics “Call me to deny that I had loved you/ when I already can't even walk past 12th to get up Granville.”  show the perspective of a person trying to love someone who refuses to be loved. The gentle vocal tones and melody make the single an easy listen but mask real meaning portrayed through the lyrics. 

The single is perfectly encapsulated by the music video created by the band. A mixture of cuts containing simple scenes of life match the music beautifully. They create a montage romanticising the simple moments and encompass the comfort and serenity you expect this single to soundtrack.

The guitar takes a lot of attention having a more prominent and striking sound than the vocals, but when heard together they mould effortlessly and the outro gives the guitar time to tell its own story. The guitarist creates a melody line that takes centre stage to seamlessly round off the single and bring it to a comfortable end.

Peach Pit made their entrance in 2021 in their predictable style and there is hope that this is just the first of many for the Canadian quartet. 


Amber Malley


Image: ‘Up Granville’ Official Single Artwork

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