Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Pave The Jungle prove that we should never feel estranged in this confusing and diverse society with ‘Oddball’

Rachael Whittle and Scott Jeffery have been collaborating as members of Pave The Jungle since 2019, and have earned an incredible reputation for their music and live shows rapidly. The Newcastle duo perform and create alternative rock music, pleasing fans nationwide and are hitting the road this November, closing it off in their hometown. 

As a former mentee of the great Nadine Shah, Whittle’s experience in the music industry is vast and exceptional, thus the collaboration with Jeffery (an exceptional drummer himself) is one to be awed at indefinitely. 

After a rough journey with cancelling live shows due to COVID-19, Pave The Jungle have excitedly released their new single ‘Oddball’ and are beginning to return to the stage; thankfully able to perform live once again. The recently-released song provides a space for those feeling like outsiders to relate and become more consumed by an accepting society, in the best way. The single is seemingly written for those who regard themselves as intruders or alien to the common society of “normal” or “average”; perhaps a feeling of being lost in this society overcomes you, if that’s the case then this track will provide you with an immense sense of comfort and an amazing melodic sound. Whittle describes it as “lament(ing) stagnation”, with this message being profoundly clear. 

Part way through this masterpiece, the song takes a turn and the key suddenly changes to provide a wonderful sound in such a chilling way. All listeners become further enthralled, not only with Whittle’s prodigious vocals, but also the astounding music of Jeffery. Together they work harmoniously and in creation of a sound-heaven, leaving people in awe of their talents. With their melodies and instrumental music allowing listeners to dance, headbang and feel as though they are the only one in the world, the lyrics allow everyone to sing those vocals at the top of their lungs and be left with a feeling of recognition and pure positivity. 

Their upcoming tour will merely serve to prove these incredible talents and satisfy audiences nationwide with their music. This song proves that despite feeling societally estranged, you constantly have those with whom you feel safe and validated. These Newcastle-born artists really begin to alter the way people view their apparent and given place in society in a corroborating fashion.

Abby Price


Image: ‘Oddball’ Official Single Artwork

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