Tuesday, October 12, 2021

October Drift Unleash Their Thunderous New Single ‘Airborne Panic Attack’

The newly released ‘Airborne Panic Attack’ is the first song to be revealed by October Drift since their EP ‘Naked’ was released last year. The band, comprised of Kiran Roy (Vocals), Daniel Young (Guitar), Alex Bisham (Bass), and Chris Holmes (Drums), are currently touring the UK and their latest track certainly won’t disappoint their fans. 

The tune, though it may not have been initially intended, is an accurate account of the current times and loosely bases itself on the current situation around the world with regards to conflict, coronavirus, and the mounting humanitarian crises that is shaping the future of the world.   

The lyrics ‘’wash your clothes and shower, that should kill an hour//coming up for air, have you seen the fire?’’ reaffirms the ongoing situation that has divided everybody from political figures to communities across the globe. 

The song ultimately shifts the focus away from personal matters by refocusing the lens on improving communities as well as the rest of the world. The music itself has several dynamic shifts throughout the track. It starts with an abrupt and ferocious approach as all instruments punch the pulse to create what is a recurring anxious tone before shifting slightly to accommodate for the vocals in the verse and chorus. 

The song is set to have resonance with the audience’s day-to-day lives regardless of whether they are fans of their music. The lyrics will have its audience pondering the state of events whilst the music helps to expel any excess tension and anxiety if only for a moment. 

With the band currently unveiling their latest hit across the UK and Europe in the new year, the thunderous new track ‘Airborne Panic Attack’ is set to be the soundtrack for many over the fast-approaching bleak winter months as there appears to be a renewed sense of hope towards ending what has been a volatile and turbulent time. 


Antony Bailey 


Image: Official ‘Airborne Panic Attack’ Single Cover

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