Monday, October 11, 2021

Liz Cooper’s Newly Released ‘Motorcycle’ Is A Must Listen

The new track from Liz Cooper’s recent album entitled ‘Hot Sass’ introduced itself to the music scene on September 22 and was recorded at Little Jamaica Records in Burlington, Vermont. 

Motorcycle’ was largely met with positive reviews and an array of anticipation from her budding and established fan base.  

Cooper brings the song to life by adding a little more sass in her latest music video which helps to keep your ears in tune with the music and your eyes glued to the screen. 

There are a number of musical interludes in between the verses and chorus to piece the song together which helps to generate more tension as the lyrics create a sense of disquiet.  

In an interview reported in the Frontview-Magazine, Cooper stated ‘’The video was made in a spur of the moment creative frenzy/We painted my body to match a doll who represents my alter ego’’ The alternative artist’s approach to the tune offers a sense of feeling in limbo as the song swings like a pendulum from one extreme to the other. 

On the one hand the lyrics are rebellious and against the system in the sense that it appears to question authoritative figures with the repeated refrain ‘’How do you sleep at night?’’. The music itself is loosely positioned on a fine line between obedience and anarchy without any middle ground in between the two extremities.   

Her most recent single will definitely continue to grow in popularity as Cooper firmly establishes herself on the alternative music scene and looks set to be around for some time to come. Additionally, Cooper’s latest album has already received a warm reception on both sides of the Atlantic and in many respects is a zeitgeist as it reflects the state of current affairs across the world and questions the establishment in its own provocative and quirky way. 

Antony Bailey  


Image: Cara Merendino

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