Saturday, October 30, 2021

Everybody Wants to Be a Rock ’n’ Roll Raver in NOISY’s New Single

NOISY are a 3-piece trio from the seaside town of Worthing and create music that sounds exactly like what it says on the tin...noisy. 

They are a hybrid mix of hip hop, rap, and D&B, making music that can only be described as completely unique. NOISY comprises Cody on vocals, Connor on guitar, and Spencer as the producer. 

After a pretty tough few months since all of their equipment got stolen, the trio has recently released ‘Rock 'n' Roll Raver,’ which is written for the ones who go out every weekend and get through life quite literally feeling like a rock 'n' roll raver. 

The track opens with an open string guitar and an electronic drum beat which, compared to other singles, is more of a laid-back opening for NOISY. However, this builds up to an explosive, pop chorus. 

Rock 'n' Roll Raver’ features Cody’s gritty, yet electronic vocals who sings about getting lucky with strangers, treading on their trainers, and downing drinks...all things that happen on a typical Friday night: “Everybody wants to escape the mundane / And get laid like a rock 'n' roll raver.

The single follows the earlier release of ‘Young Dumb,' which was unveiled as the soundtrack for the new Fifa 22 game. It is clear to see that the trio is rising to fame very quickly, and knowing the band, we don’t know what to expect next from them. In fact, BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders dubbed the band "the dance act of the future."

Rosie Morrison


Image: Isaac Lamb

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