Sunday, October 10, 2021

Courtney Barnett delivers heart warming new single ‘Write a List of Things to Look Forward to’

Courtney Barnett has shared her wholesome new song ‘Write a List of Things to Look Forward to’ from her new upcoming album ‘Things Take Time , Take Time’ due to be released on November 12th

Guaranteed to uplift spirits and encourage a positive and fresh new take on the sometimes mundane aspect of life, ‘Write a List of Things to Look Forward to’ provides us with a thought provoking and introspective take on friendships and what they can offer us, as well as touching on themes such as the juxtaposition of life and death, and the comfort found in the repetition and normality of our lives. 


Whilst diving into these deep philosophical topics, Barnett effortlessly draws us in with her unfalteringly humorous and playfully sarcastic tone. With lyrics such as: “Sit beside me, watch the world burn / We’ll never learn we don’t deserve nice things / And we’ll scream self-righteously / We did our best, but what does that even mean?”. 


In classic Barnett style the track oozes soft, effortlessly cool melodic rock and roll paired with a sense of joy and gratitude for friendship. We see this in the repeated lines : “I’m looking forward to the next/ letter that I’m gonna get from you”


‘Write a List of Things to Look Forward to’ follows Barnett’s previously released singles ‘Before You Gotta Go’ and ‘Rae Street’ and is only further increasing the excitement of her much anticipated new album. 


Throughout this track, Barnett demonstrates that despite how overwhelming life can get, joy can be found in the little things. Dependability and regularity can be comforting and that the simple things in life like letters from friends really should be treasured. Creative, intimate and hopeful, ‘Write a List of Things to Look Forward to’  is a truly soul warming soundtrack for life.


Felicity Giles


Image:  ‘Things Take Time Take Time’ official album cover artwork

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