Sunday, October 03, 2021

A Taste of LANY in Glasgow

Los Angeles-based trio, LANY, brought a taste of California to Glasgow O2 Academy. 

I had never seen LANY live, and I was excited, and clearly, this same excitement was also held by the crowd who sung back every lyric.

What was clear from the beginning was that the frontman Paul Klein’s confidence, he owned both the stage and the crowd with his overt eye contact and personal interactions. 

As they perform love song after love song the crowd is memorized into a state of emotion.

Throughout the gig, Klein praised the crowd and look genuinely grateful for all the love and support. 

The crowd was a real mixture of people, and it was refreshing to see men in their 20s older belting out every lyric to the band's electric fuelled love songs. This made the room feel like a safe place to let your hair down and feel all kinds of emotions without any judgment.

LANY ended the set on ‘ILYSB’ which is a special song which displays there sonic growth - the perfect choice for such an emotionally driven performance.

If their gig in Glasgow is anything to go by, LANY will continue to grow and gain success.

If you get the chance, go and see LANY, they are truly like no other band. 



  1. Get Away 
  2. Thick and Thin 
  3. Super Fan 
  4. Cowboy in LA 
  5. Nevermind, Lets Break UP
  6. Good Guys 
  7. I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore 
  8. Heart Won’t Let ME 
  9. Roll Over, Baby 
  10. Hurts 
  11. Somewhere 
  12. 13 
  13. Ex I Never Had 
  14. Up To Me 
  15. Care Less 
  16. Hericane 
  17. I Still Talk To Jesus (stripped back)
  18. DNA 
  19. Dancing in The Kitchen 
  20. Thru These Tears 
  21. Malibu Nights 
  22. You! 
  23. ILYSB 

Words & Images: Paul MacFie

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