Sunday, September 12, 2021

THE SMITHS Legend Johnny Marr Delivers His Latest Single ‘Spirit, Power And Soul’

The wait is finally over for Johnny Marr’s much anticipated newly released single ‘’Spirit Power And Soul’’ It was released yesterday along with his music video which is sure to leave you gazing at the screen throughout the song. 

It is the first to be taken from his upcoming EP ‘Fever Dreams Pt. 1’ scheduled to be released next month. 

The Electro-powered song is pushed by a disco-inspired drum beat with the use of a synthesizer and reverb creating an eerie yet uplifting sound. The song itself appears to transport you back to the height of the disco era before whisking you back to the present day. 

The music video is vaguely reminiscent of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes - excluding an army of skeletons of course. 

The song has already received glowing reviews from his worldwide fan base who are impressed with an array of aspects from the use of Stratocaster pickups to the heavy use of a synthesizer combined with beats, chops, and fills that are sure to get your pulse racing. The single is a taster of what is to come in the following months as it sets the tone for a new style that is a world away from anything you would have accustomed to by The Smiths and their iconic sound. ‘’Now the time has come, spirit, power, and soul’’ is a line that is sure to resonate with all of us regardless of musical taste and we all need a little bit of ‘’spirit, power, and soul’’ after the recent events that have taken place around the world. The song is a tower of strength for listeners looking to feel emotionally empowered. 

It simultaneously looks to discover a new sound and style from one of the finest musicians to put Manchester firmly on the musical map. 

Antony Bailey 


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