Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Feels Hit You Differently After Listening To Anne-Marie’s 'Therapy'

After releasing ‘Speak Your Mind’ back in 2018, Anne-Marie has certainly made her impact within the music industry. With hits such as ‘2002’ and ‘Friends’ that’ll have you on your feet and reminiscing with your people, she has become one of the leading pop artists in the charts. 

Fast-forward three years since that first album and she releases her second, ‘Therapy’ during July of 2021, which is nothing other than Anne-Marie doing what she does best- Music.


This album is a fun, heartfelt and empowering set of tracks that will get you moving. And to kick off an album with a song like ‘X2’ only demonstrates just how ready she is to move into this next musical chapter of her life. 

Energy fireworks out of the album at the beginning and continues to light up the sky long after you finish listening to it. The features continue to add to this flare; KSI, Digital Farm Animals, Little Mix, Niall Horan, to name a few, all do their thing, alongside Anne-Marie and the collaborations are musical magic. Not forgetting to appreciate all of the music videos, especially ‘Kiss My (Uh Oh)’ which references the film ‘Bridesmaids’ (Feig, 2011) and is executed perfectly with Little Mix.


Even though there is a dance-pop feel that goes throughout the entire album, it still reaches a depth that speaks to the listener. Love is in question here, because let’s be honest love is a tough thing. Whether it’s making a relationship work, realising that it isn’t, or dealing with heartbreak, it can take its toll on us. Whatever your situation may be, there’s a song for it here. ‘Our Song’ in particular, is accepting a love from the past and being okay with leaving it there, though still remembering the relationship through music. This song really puts into perspective what music is and what it does for people. It helps. And like a song on the radio, that person will become a memory. “When I hear it I just can’t stop smiling” assures us that not all relationships end badly; sometimes they just don’t work out and that’s okay. Another track, ‘Breathing’ showcases her lyrical skills, taking more of a story-telling route and feels just like a deep breath of realisation. 

A really honest description of what the right kind of love sounds like. Just the same, ‘Beautiful’ has a similar warmth to it; acceptance in yourself and who you are is a truly beautiful thing. We often find ourselves searching, looking for things when the true answer lies inside of ourselves and that truth is that everyone is beautiful just the way they are. The end of this track definitely tugs onto your emotions as a chorus of children sing “we are beautiful, all of us”. There’s something so innocent here, that’ll reach into your heart and stay there.


Anne-Marie manages to keep a smile on our faces throughout the entire album, through dance-pop anthems that you’ll want to scream with your besties to a selflove masterpiece. It really reflects herself as both a person and musician; growing into herself and helping others through her music. The final song and title track, ‘Therapy’ is not only an open and vulnerable piece of music with lyrics that express her feelings towards love and life. It’s a realisation that a heart can’t be fixed by the one who broke it. Music is almost its own kind of therapy both for the artist and the listeners. This project is certainly something that’ll bring a smile onto your face, which is a pretty amazing thing to do.



 Edana Graham


 Image: Anne-Marie Official Album Cover (Warner Records Press)

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