Thursday, September 16, 2021

The "Accidental A-Side" from Snap Infraction: 'Take The Blame'

The self-proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll duo’s latest single, ‘Take The Blame’, is a testament to their pre-existing discography which spans over an impressive 12 years. 

‘Take The Blame’ is one of those songs that was just waiting to be created. How do we know it was always meant to be? Because according to frontman Steve Karsch, he quickly wrote it one week away from the single's deadline. 

That in itself is a massive accomplishment and a huge indication of the talent and creativity that the band possesses. Not only this, but it truly indicates how the act of song-writing and performance is second nature to the band. 

After a series of six previous singles being released in pairs, ‘Take The Blame’ is no different. Compared to its accompanying chilled, acoustic single ‘Once In A Lifetime’ however, ‘Take The Blame’ is a last-minute musical concoction that brings us a driving, anthemic rock song. 

From the built-up introduction, catchy chorus melodies, gritty vocals and intricate guitar solos, there’s a consistent groove that, intentionally or not, pays homage to the British punk-rock scene from the 1970s. 

As well as the instrumentation, the overall mix and production of the track must also be praised. The neat high-end guitars complement the gravel of the bass, allowing them both to cut through against the almost dampened drums. This simple but effective mix consciously avoids the muddy-sounding trap that independent artists can sometimes fall into, something done especially easily when writing within the rock genre.  

Instead, ‘Take The Blame’ is a musically cohesive combination of deliberate stylistic choices and production techniques, resulting in the track feeling as if it should only be written for Snap Infraction; it is simply a natural extension on their pre-existing sound, demonstrating their musical ability in a catchy, cohesive 2 and a half minute track.


Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan 

Image: Snap Infraction ‘Take The Blame’ Official Artwork

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