Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sea Colour Create A World Of Beauty And Actualisation With 'In My Dreams'

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Jonathan, under the artist name Sea Colour, re-familiarizes us into his world of endless rumination and melodic bliss on his newest single, 'In My Dreams'.

Pulling from the modern folky, dream pop musical cloth popularised by notable singer-songwriters like Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens; Sea Colour treks out on a musical journey of self-exploration and acceptance.

'In My Dreams' opens with a rustic, crackling vinyl ambience that gives way to a bright shimmering piano. Light acoustic guitar, reverb-drenched electric and soft percussive instrumentation began to unfurl within the soundscape.

The opening lyric keeps with the sonic theme that the gliding instrumentation established by vocalising the nature of its ephemeral quality. "In my dreams, I see you". This refrain makes several more appearances throughout the track.

A thundering kick drum is introduced in the second verse to define the beat, and the lyrics follow suit with a more vivid description of the mental state, "I don't know where I'm going / When I close my eyes it feels like falling". The vocal harmonies swell to a more ghostly and hollow quality as the verse continues.

"Fly, don't you be scared to be alive" and "I'm wide awake when sunshine hits my face" are lyrics that come into the fold as the song progresses, contrasting the self-doubt of the first few lines. Operating both a musical and a lyrical point of clarity and self-actualisation at the climax of the song.

This declaration sees a triumphant swirling of the aforementioned musical elements before slowly coming back down to earth, which is simultaneously reflected in the lyric, "When you go, I see you levitate, in the night sky". The song caps off with the same crackling vinyl ambience from the beginning, but this time with an extended violin note. 


'In My Dreams' is a very relaxing and beautiful sonic exploration of a hauntingly nostalgic daydream. Sea Colour are definitely an act to watch - if only to see how he hones the particulars of his folky/dream pop-inspired instrumentation to help further support the dream-like imagery he evokes on future projects. 

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'In My Dreams', Official Single Cover


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