Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Patricia Lalor Releases Stunning New Single ‘Vessel’

Patricia Lalor released her debut single, ‘Vessel’, under Atlantic Records this past August. This young artist has been on the radar of tastemakers such as Annie Mac for some time now. I personally have been watching her talent grow for a couple of years, but this single feels much more solid than anything we’ve seen from her so far. This is hardly surprising given she’s a stunning 15 years old. 

I’m sure she’s tired of everyone mentioning her age, so Patricia, if you ever read this, I’m sorry for that.

A blessing and curse of having a musical document of your growth is that your audience gets to see how you change in leaps and bounds. Having been likened to artists such as Clairo, beabadoobee and even being heralded as the next Billie Eilish, Lalor arguably has big reputational shoes to fill. However, between her unique voice and abilities and songwriting that is frankly far more introspective and perceptive than I could’ve mastered at 15, this lo-fi alt-pop artist is up to the task.

Age aside, this song is impressive in its own right. In an interview with Hot Press, Lalor says this about the writing process of this song:

“‘Vessel’ is a song I wrote about how the world perceives you, about how it expects you to grow up and mould to what’s happening around you/to you. I wrote it to kind of get a better understanding of it all but it just kind of made it all more messed up.”

Writing about your relationship with the world and how it perceives you is not a foreign concept. In fact, this relatability is what I think grounds the song so nicely. Her voice is clear, yet she seemingly sings this way effortlessly. I really love how the song was mixed and produced; at times her voice stands separate from the music, then floats somewhere between layers, becoming another harmony. This is partially aided by a melody that becomes at times almost rhythmic and drone-like (in the nicest, least boring way possible) and contrasts all the more with the sharp silences in the song. The strings that she chose to include remind me of early Daughter and for that I love it all the more. This song is mesmerizing and powerful in all its elements.

Chloe Boehm


Image: Vessel Official Single Cover (PRESS)


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