Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Michelle Release Seductive New Single ‘Syncopate’

‘Syncopate’ is the latest single to be released by the New York Indie Pop collective Michelle. It is sexy, seductive, syncopated, and tinged with sexual innuendos to add a little more spice to the mix. It has been released as a track from their upcoming album ‘After Dinner We Talk Dreams’ due to be released on January 28 via Transgressive records. 

Apart from the song being syncopated, it is fair to say the tune is a delicately balanced blend of different musical styles ranging from hip hop, electro, and disco to pop and beyond. The beat and bass are the pulse of the track as they are locked in unison and push the tempo throughout.  


The vocal melody is embellished by guitar licks, synths, fades, and a subtle fluctuation in dynamics where the music pauses to create a drop in between the different sections of the track. Their music is fluid, transcending musical borders as it spreads a message of love, hope, and an abundance of steamy sensuality with lyrics such as ‘’It’s my body // I need you in it’’.   


In a statement about their latest track reported in The Line Of Best Fit the group said ‘’The song at its core is about desire. Communicating your desire can feel vulnerable, so we wanted to have some fun with that and show our funky and seductive side’’ and the music video reveals the band flaunting their sensuality and ultimately just having a good time.   


The tune is sure to be a hit with their budding fan base on this side of the pond as the band from the Big Apple prepares for their brief tour of Ireland and the UK so be sure to stay tuned to their website for more details over the coming months.   

Antony Bailey


 Image: Michelle ‘Syncopate’ Official Single Cover

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