Monday, September 27, 2021

Jay Summer Releases A Dreamy Yet Pensive New Single ‘Tarmac’

Jay Summer is relatively new to the music scene and tipped to make a big impact domestically and internationally with his newly released track entitled ‘Tarmac’

'Tarmac' is meditative piece of music leaving your head high amongst the clouds - yet tinged with gloomy undertones such as ‘’All I feel is pain// Surviving ain’t the same without pleasure’’. The song is pensive from both an instrumental and lyrical perspective and is the type of song that could help with taking a moment of reflection. 

For much of the track, it is primarily the vocals and treble on the guitar complimenting the meditational and therapeutic tone. 

Consequently, it lightly distorts the audience’s sense of reality until the drums appear in the chorus to provide more of an audible pulse and backbeat as the song reaches its conclusion.  The vocal melody is medicinal and leaves the listener feeling drowsy and in a dreamlike state.  

The mix goes a long way towards creating quite a misty and rainy sensation; especially in the intro where the vocals appear to sound fairly warm and intimate. This helps to paint a picture in the audience's mind regarding how Summer successfully captured the soothing remedial tone he created as the song progresses into the pre-chorus and chorus.  

The tune is influenced by a mixture of several musical genres ranging from Hip-Hop, Techno, and Alternative leaving plenty of room for experimentation as his music project looks to be all set for take-off. 

The tune is a tasty treat packed with flavour and leaves you in a trance from start to finish. It is bound to be a success in the UK and we can expect a lot more to come from an artist who is swiftly establishing himself and making his mark on the rapidly evolving music scene. 

Antony Bailey


Image: Jay Summer ‘Tarmac’ Official Single Artwork

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