Wednesday, September 08, 2021

In Conversation With WITCH FEVER

Hailing from the depths of Manchester, the punk laden four-piece are no strangers to producing lyrically enticing tracks veined with riotous, cathartic instrumentation and important societal messages.

Having gained praise from the likes of CLASH, NME, and Steve Lamaq, the quartet is set to storm the Manchester music scene with their experimental sonic explorations.

Ahead of their heavily anticipated debut EP, we picked the brains of Witch Fever to find out more...

You’ve announced your debut EP Reincarnate out October 15th, how excited are you to release these tracks?

We’re so excited! This will be the first longer body of work we’ve ever released and includes a few new ones and some very old ones that we finally got to record. It’ll be exciting to see what everyone makes of it, but we’re also in the process of writing an album set to be released next year so it feels good to get all our older songs released to make way for brand new ones.

How much of the new ep will fans get to experience on the upcoming idles and Bob Vylan tour?

Lots! And lots of the new album too. We’re having a lot of fun performing sets full of songs people haven’t heard before because we’re excited about what we’re writing and having fun breaking out of our musical comfort zones.

What’s it like finding out your supporting Idles on tour? Can you describe that moment for us?

Ah, it was great, initially, we were only asked for one of the Brixton dates but when we got asked to play half of the Euro tour too we were so happy. Idles are smashing it at the moment and being given the opportunity to go round Europe with them is very exciting.

You're working with music venue trust to support grassroots venues across the UK, how important are these venues for UK music?

They’re so important. All the bands that play huge venues now started in the small grassroots venues. These venues give musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent and put on shows! Without them the alt music scene would be fucked!

Where are you most excited to play when you can return to live touring?

Manchester, of course. Hometown shows are always so chaotic. Also London is always a lot of fun, as well as Brighton and Bristol in particular!

Has Covid and lockdown affected your music or writing in any way? How was writing the EP through lockdowns?

One of the songs on the E.P, In The Resurrect, was written through lockdown entirely online but we wouldn’t want to write like that again. Thankfully Annabelle was able to mix all our demos for us in the run up to recording the E.P but we definitely write better altogether in a room. We all have complete equal parts in making the songs so it’s important that for the most part we’re altogether.

What themes run through Reincarnate?

Reincarnate started as a break up song but ended up being more about liberation and finding yourself again after a relationship. It’s about empowerment, taking back your power and knowing your worth.

Do all the tracks on the EP follow a similar style to In the Resurrect? Or can we expect widely different tracks?

They’re all very different. This E.P. is basically a compilation of all the unreleased songs we’ve written in the past few years and we can hear the differences in the song writing and how we’re progressed as musicians. This makes us even more excited to release the debut album as it’ll be entirely fresh songs!

What’s most important for you as a band to bring to these tours, having not been able to play for two years?

I guess what we wanna bring is a great experience and a good show! Life’s been very slow over the past year or so for a lot of us and has been completely lacking in live music so we want to come back with a bang and show everyone what we’ve been working on together.

What's next for Witch Fever once the EP is  released? 

At the end of this year we’re recording our first ever album which will be released in 2022 so really it’ll be full steam ahead preparing for that release. As of yet no headline tours have been booked but it WILL happen next year! And of course we’ll be looking to doing a round of the festivals!

Questions by Reece Ritchie

Write up by Lana Williams

Image: Debbie Ellis

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