Tuesday, September 28, 2021

In Conversation with Pixey

Indie-pop starlet Pixey is on an upward trajectory. Her 2016 single ‘Young’ drew the attention of music critics galore and subsequent releases led to her being signed to Chess Club Records (notable alumni include Wolf Alice and Easy Life, so she’s in good company).

Bringing jubilant beats and shimmering vocals to every track, the Liverpool-based songstress and multi-instrumentalist is gearing up for the release of her new EP ‘Sunshine State.’ Ahead of this, the self-described “indie Britney Spears” chats to Music Is To Blame about self-producing her music, her dream collaboration, and what we can expect from her in the future!


Hi Pixey, can you briefly introduce yourself?


I’m Pixey, and I’m a writer, producer, and performer from Liverpool.


Why did you decide on the name Pixey?


I’m so short in real life. I barely reach 5”1 so the name Pixey sort of made sense. 


You recently released the single ‘Sunshine State’ – can you tell us about the meaning of the song and what kind of sound you were going for here?


The meaning of the song is really just about starting your own musical revolution from wherever you are however big or small that might be. I wasn’t really aiming for any sound when I started writing it, I just knew I wanted a massive jangly breakbeat and rhythmic lyrics. 


You’re very independent, and often self-produce your music. What made you want to do that?


For me the most enjoyable part of music is the production and writing aspect. It started out of social anxiety and feeling intimidated by studios, but then evolved into wanting to be self-reliant. It’s so empowering being able to write, play, record, and produce a track on your own. 


I read that over the past year you’ve been trying to master almost every instrument – is this reflected in your upcoming release?


I’m certainly trying! I played the drums on a new track from the next EP called ‘Heaven’ and was so happy with how they came out. Although there are strings on the song too, so maybe that will be my next instrumental conquest. 


Would you be open to collaboration and do you have a dream artist or band you would want to work with?


Sounds mad but I’d love to work with Fatboy Slim. I’ve been obsessed with his production from day one and take so much inspiration from how he puts tracks together. That would be a dream.


What have you learned and how has your creative process changed since your 2016 debut ‘Young’?


I’m certainly better at production now, even if I do still work slightly unconventionally. My projects are a lot neater which helps the mixing engineers. It feels enjoyable now to produce tracks. 


Would you say – being based in Liverpool – that the city has helped to shape your music or style?


Liverpool has one of the greatest musical heritages and legacies in my opinion. It’s impossible to not be influenced by the soundscape you’re constantly surrounded by. George Harrison is one of my favourites and has always influenced my sound heavily.


Are there any local bands or artists in Liverpool/Merseyside that you are enjoying at the moment?


Dan Disgrace is one of my favourites at the moment. His music is so melodic but dips in and out of different styles which I think is so cool. Chinatown Slalom is another favourite, a boss band who use some amazing samples in their tunes. 


You studied English Literature at university and have expressed a passion for poetry – do you think these things have influenced your writing? And do you have a favourite poem or book at the moment?


Ironically, I hate reading, I find myself getting really impatient when I sit down to actually digest a book. Poems always caught my attention more - Sylvia Plath is one of my favourites. ‘Tulips’ is one of her poems that means a lot to me. 


With the return of live music, what can we expect from a Pixey gig?


Definitely a lot of energy, dancing, and guitar loops. 


And finally, what does the future hold for Pixey?


I really hope to release my favourite songs that I’ve been sitting on for so long now. I would love to play sold out shows and travel the world, but most of all I hope to continue to enjoy writing and producing like I always have.


‘Sunshine State’ EP by Pixey is released on 29th October via Chess Club Records.


Sarah Taylor


Image: Pixey by Blackksocks (PRESS)

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