Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Charli XCX shares intoxicating new single, ‘Good Ones’

Charli XCX has finally dropped ‘Good Ones’ after weeks of teasing on social media. Reminiscent of 80’s pop, the singer also channels old school Gaga on her new single, leaving fans in awe.

As the voice behind some of the last decade’s most iconic hyper-dance-pop anthems, such as ‘Vroom Vroom’‘Unlock It (Lock It)’, and ‘1999’, the singer is now plunging into a new post-quarantine era.

The track and upcoming album were composed and produced at her house during the first few weeks of lockdown. 

This gave her the freedom to explore not just her musical but also her self-identity.

‘Good Ones’ delves into Charli’s post-break-up mindset, exploring her inner thoughts and feelings. “I want the bad ones. ‘Cause they’re all I know / I always let the good ones go.” Concise and sweet, these lyrics communicate a sense of self-awareness about her choice in romantic interests. They also play out the story of the singer confronting her inner demons as they resurface in the aftermath of a breakup.

The synth waves in the background give the track’s sound a pop edge, transporting its listener back to the 1980s in the tastiest way possible. On ‘Good Ones’, Charli is wholeheartedly embracing her pop essence while also disclosing her imperfections.

Short and sweet, the song captures its thrilling and free atmosphere flawlessly. Charli’s vocals are sensuous, permeating, and alluring, and she’s not afraid to flaunt her effervescent falsetto tone in the chorus.

‘Good Ones’ is an undeniable club banger, generating an exhilarating atmosphere while preserving a sense of emotional clarity and sensitivity. It will be exciting to see what this new era of Charli XCX has yet to bring.

Lilly Hilton  


Image: ‘Good Ones’ Official Single Artwork 

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