Monday, September 13, 2021

Billie Marten shares a hazy music video for her single ‘Liquid Love’

Billie Marten recently shared the music video for ‘Liquid Love’, the latest single from her album ‘Flora Fauna’.

The North Yorkshire native released her third studio venture in May to widespread acclaim.

In an interview with Total Entertainment, Marten expressed her hope for the video to “match the swirling, translucent watery-ness of ‘Liquid Love’” and for it to “paint a natural tranquillity, using the tokens of community, friendship, family, love, and warmth.”

The combination of late-summer, lakeside greenery in the video’s setting and Marten’s signature deep, reverb-soaked vocals immediately transport the listener to exactly that vivid soundscape. The ease of the camera movement following the singer across the peaceful outdoor scene adds to the video’s meditative, lulling tone, as does the effective sonic bass and dreamy guitar strums.

When the track reaches its chorus, the depth and layering of Marten’s soft vocals kick up a notch, making for an elevated auditory experience. What feels like growth from the songstress’s crafted niche of intertwined guitar and vocals is only compounded by the videography, which spins around Marten as she sits among friends, maintaining eye contact with the lens.

There’s a peaceful and almost lazy sense of community evoked as the video pans round to show the group of figures sitting together, chatting, and lying on one another. Here especially, the low thrum of bass and Marten’s lyrical meanderings intersect with the scene, as she sings, “I kiss the lips of / every sun coming / wanting to wake up / as a human every morning.”

Especially significant is how Marten herself becomes a muted presence within the scenery and among her friends. She doesn’t demand attention. As she moves away from her friends on the grass and towards the lake, the lyrics skilfully paint a scene of domestic bliss: “I’m in the kitchen / I am free, pouring / no destination / liquid love under my skin.” The backing vocals, layered versions of Marten’s leading voice, take up the mantle as she enters the lake, reaching out to join the two girls who are already bathing, and moving further out into the water with them.

The camera pans out slowly as Marten self-assuredly repeats the song’s lyrical refrain: “our reactions / all our actions / our reactions / to all of our actions.” It has the pacing of a slowed-down chant. Finally, the camera moves from the lakeside scene to the sky, and the isolated birdsong that opened the video resumes.

The lingering feeling after the track has concluded is of it having been a fleeting expression of warmth and peacefulness in the middle of the goings-on of nature.


Billie Marten’s third album, ‘Flora Fauna’, is available on all streaming platforms now. She is heading out on tour from the 16th of September, and you can grab your tickets at the link below.


Eleanor Burleigh

Twitter: @eleanoranneb

Image: Liquid Love Official Single Cover Art

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