Friday, August 13, 2021

The Sandspits’ colourful new single ‘Green As She Outta Be’ rides a wave straight to the top of my August playlist

New band The Sandspits have set the standard for summer tunes this year with their latest feel-good release, ‘Green As She Outta Be’

It’s a song that sounds fresh off a summertime playlist, perfect for a trip to the beach and a ride in the waves. The lyrics and vocals are effortlessly strung together amidst an overlap of easy-going drum loops and a jolly guitar riff.

Despite their limited catalogue, the duo have already established a strong sound for themselves. Every song is clean and uncomplicated, creating an upbeat indie vibe that showcases each member’s individual talents.

‘Green As She Outta Be’ gets better with every listen. On the surface, it’s a song that’s made to soundtrack a day at the beach. But upon further unwrapping, it’s also a record about lust and addiction in a relationship: “Sun’s out, got work to do / But I’m meeting up with you instead.” This line summarises the power that strong feelings can have over a person, making everything else seem so much less important.


This single provides a nostalgic sound that’s reminiscent of early releases from The Kooks or The Wombats. The easy-listening nature of its verses and chorus makes them flow together so naturally that you feel you almost know the lyrics after your first listen.


Towards the end, the electric guitar riff steals the spotlight and lifts the mood even higher. It’s both graceful and dramatic, and it also comes across as fluent, as if it were second nature to the artist.


The track overall is flawless. It’s also an exciting glimpse into what’s coming next for The Sandspits. While we wait for the release of their debut album, be sure to have this song on repeat to keep your spirits high and inspire all your summer plans.


Anna Scrimgeour 


Image: ‘Green As She Outta Be’ Official Single Artwork 

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