Monday, August 23, 2021

The Lathums ride their wave and release joyous new single ‘I'll Get By’

‘I’ll Get By’ is the most recent single from The Lathums’ upcoming debut album ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’. 

The Wigan quartet has been spreading an uplifting message on their singles for the album so far, including ‘Oh, My Love’ and the title track ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’, and ‘I’ll Get By’ follows similar themes to these previous singles in terms of both lyrics and sound.

The track speaks of building a support system within a relationship, to help each other “get by”. 

Much like how their previous track ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ spoke of taking a step back and appreciating the little things in life, ‘I’ll Get By’ shares an equally positive message of supporting and appreciating the people who are close to you. Supporting the people around you, and receiving the same support in return, is what helps us to cope with challenges in life, summarised in the chorus lyric “We’ll be alright, I know”.

The track also continues The Lathums’ recent trend of making an acoustic guitar the core instrument within their music. So far, the singles released from their album have been uplifting acoustic guitar-driven tracks. The band experimented with similar jaunty sounds on the track ‘Corporation Street’ from their ‘Ghosts’ EP in 2020, and it seems that they are taking these sounds to the next level on ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’.

With the release date for ‘How Beautiful Life Can Be’ set for 24th September 2021, ‘I’ll Get By’ provides a promising taste of what fans should expect from the album. 

The Lathums’ infectious positivity is something that everyone could do with a bit of right now, and the track serves as an important reminder that it is okay to lean on those around us for a bit of support when we need it – our relationships with others are what makes us fundamentally human, after all. 

Gemma Cockrell


Image: ‘I’ll Get By’ Official Single Artwork (PRESS)

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