Thursday, August 19, 2021

Taxi Rank Brighten Up Their Discography With ‘A Piece Of You’

‘A Piece Of You’ is truly a piece of summer plucked from the Welsh sky. Brought to us from the Swansea five-piece Taxi Rank earlier this month, ‘A Piece Of You’ is a taste of what to expect from their upcoming EP - the name and date of which is yet to be announced.

The band have been releasing modern indie-rock tracks since 2019 and encompasses the admirable ability to create a number of tracks with completely different sounds whilst remaining within their genre.

The release of this track follows on from ‘Golden Days’, their first release of this year, and is decidedly much more upbeat and a little less grungy. 

The guitar riff is snappy and memorable from the get-go, and includes a melodic solo towards the end of the track in a really nice addition to the tune as a whole.

The vocal harmonies add brightness to the piece and gel nicely with the guitar for a really pleasant listening experience. Whilst the track is incredibly light, the lyrics do explore deeper ideas. In a quote taken from an About The Noise article, the band have said the track is all about trying to relax and avoid taking my own issues out on other people, trying out a blank canvas and looking for inspiration”.

The concept of the “blank canvas” is repeated throughout the chorus, encouraging the listener to look at their problems with fresh eyes. However, what rings most clear in this tune is the band's intention to help their listener “relax” - it is simply impossible not to when listening to this track.

It is a really nice taste of what could be to come from this band for the rest of 2021, but they have plenty of other tracks for you to sink your teeth into whilst we wait for further releases from the band.

Maddie Bridger 
Image: Billy Stillman

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