Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Luke Hemmings commands a place in our hearts with new single ‘Place In Me’

Luke Hemmings bares himself like never before, eloquently conveying his inner thoughts and emotions in his new song, ‘Place In Me’. 

Used to sharing the stage with his three bandmates, Hemmings has decided to make his solo debut this summer. When the world came to a halt for lockdown, the singer-songwriter finally got the opportunity to experience music in a completely new and independent way. 

It is safe to say that ten years of making music as part of a band has impacted his creative process, and exploring it recently has allowed a lot of change. 

Hemmings said that he started to uncover new sounds and themes within the music that he had not had the chance to previously. In a conversation with MTV, he said, “I definitely started to look at things differently and reflect on things that I hadn't before”. This new phase in his life has granted him the freedom to establish a new musical identity separate from Five Seconds of Summer and to express his own unique experiences and influences through his work. 

As the track progresses, Hemmings' voice becomes more alluring that leaves listeners feeling touched. It is a calm, delicate tune that is a stark contrast to the music we're used to seeing Hemmings perform with Five Seconds of Summer. 

While 5SOS' music has its roots in pop-punk and has evolved into the more rock genre, the new music Hemmings has independently produced is deeply personal and bares all. 

The backing vocals complement Hemmings brilliantly, creating an ethereal ambience that leaves listeners wanting more. ‘Place In Me’ is a song filled with raw emotion, with deeply intimate lyrics. “I'm so apathetic, it's pathetic/ But I need you now.”

Furthermore, the song's narrative is about how individuals make mistakes and have mishaps within relationships, yet we still preserve a place in our hearts for them. “'Cause you'll always have a place in me/ You'll always have a place in me”

‘Place In Me’ is just one out of the many tracks on Hemmings new album ‘When Facing Things We Turn Away From’ which was released on August 13th. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future, along with new music from 5sos. 

Lilly Hilton 


Image: ‘Place In Me’ Official single artwork (PRESS)

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