Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Lab on Fire single has resulted in a Connection Failure


Straight from the minds of a musical duo, multi-instrumentalist Jan Kleník and singer Proki Pivoňka and they come all the way from Prague in Czechoslovakia is Lab on Fire. Now, this is quite an interesting song and I found it to be a catchy tune as well. 'Connection Failed' is an amazing track in itself and definitely hits all the top notes as well. Plus, it has its own little surprises hidden away in there that are just waiting to be heard.

As a single, ‘Connection Failed’ begins on a smooth, melodic tone before picking up a guitar riff-filled pace. Now what is very cleverly done about this track is how they go back and forth between being smooth and melodious one minute then charging into a rapid, manic energy moment. Either way, it is utterly genius and definitely shows a creative side to their music.

Lyric-wise, the words are very well thought of and just take the track into interesting and sing about the subject matter of togetherness and what human relations can mean to us as people.

Now, although it is a smooth, melodic track you just cannot help but notice a sombre, haunting yet comforting chill in the atmosphere of the song when you hear it, and also the more you listen. When you listen to ‘Connection Failed’ something that you will almost certainly pick up on, and that is if you are familiar with the genre; Ambient music. Lab on Fire is in the same musical vein as artists such as Air, William Orbit, Orbital and Sigur Ros.

This is one musical gem you may well find yourself listening to more than once and this is definitely one for your playlist if you have not got it on there already

Adam Joel Humphreys


Image: Natalia Kuznetsova

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