Monday, August 30, 2021

Jack Ferry returns with the dreamy single, ‘Thirty One Years’

Jack Ferry is back with his dreamy new folk single ‘Thirty One Years’

Following on from the release of his last single, ‘The Best Days of Your Life’ back in 2020, this latest cut has a slightly more somber tone, in comparison. 

Ferry has opted for a more stripped-down approach instrumentally but keeps the same nostalgic theme lyrically.

On my first listening of this track, the lyrics really stuck out for me. Ferry craftily encapsulates the feeling of nostalgia, describing a mythical home that he is returning to after thirty-one years away. He describes in detail how this home is a “mausoleum” to him, keeping his memories alive. Whether this is a real home, or more of metaphorical reference to describe a feeling of returning to a long-lost memory or place is left up to interpretation of the listener. One thing I can say is that there is a definite sense of maturation in his lyrical theme in comparison to his earlier work.


Sonically, this tune is rather linear and fits well with the lyrical content described. A plucky acoustic guitar drives the track, accompanied by some simple drums and horns. 

The chorus features layered backing vocals which gives it a grander feel whilst also creating differentiation between the verse and chorus. An interesting instrument called a mellotron is used in the chorus to add a more mystical feel; this is a tape-based synthesiser that was also used in the production of The Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.


The production of this song fits its theme perfectly. The vocals are tuned in well and the horns and drums only emphasises the dramatic points of the song. 


Dan Jones

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Image: ’Thirty One Years' Official Single Cover


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