Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Eric Alexandrakis Latest Single ‘Mediterranean Sun’ - The Summer Never Sounded So Good!

If you think the child of a father with a Physics PHD and a mother with a PHD in philosophy would almost certainly follow their footsteps into the world of academia, then Eric Alexandrakis proves this not to be the case. 

The famed musician and producer has already worked with household names such as Duran Duran and John Malkovich, whilst his 2019 Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Album was certainly a career high for the Cretan descendent. 

The nominated album, the wonderful ‘I.V. Catatonia’ was written whilst Eric battled his first of two bouts of cancer, a fact which only adds to the joyous optimism found in his music. 

On the latest single, the irrepressible ‘Mediterranean Sun’, Alexandrakis takes us on a whirlwind of punk riffs and distorted vocals as he eagerly returns to the Mediterranean land he adores. 

Bursting into life with pounding drums and a fast-paced vocal performance, the track gives you no time to settle as the singer awaits the beginning of a summer trip that is described so vividly, you’d wish you were on the journey with him. “Land the Airplane / I’m tired of being stuck in here / I’m going insane / My destination is so very near” bemoans Alexandrakis, giving the listener a real sense of the desperation he has to finally be free and enjoy himself, a feeling many of us will relate to after being locked in our homes for extended periods of time. 

The delivery of the song is reminiscent of peak Stone Roses, yet tinged with such sun and optimism, it would be as if the Manchester natives had spent 2 years living in a Californian commune. It’s none stop positivity and the tongue in cheek lyrics create an infectious sound that leaves you in no doubt about the mindset of Alexandrakis, and the lengths to which he loves the ‘Mediterranean Sun’. 

Musically, the track may not be anything revolutionary, it is a simple two-and-a-half-minute blast of enthralling hope and infectious exuberance. Yet, as Alexandrakis declares “I’m in love with the summertime” you can’t help but feel this track is the perfect parting kiss of a season well spent. As the nights draw in and the coats come back out, the jubilance of the song will live on, and just like summer, it’s a shame the song ever has to end. 

James Ogden 

Image: Mediterranean Sun Official Single Artwork 

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