Sunday, August 22, 2021

Cruise through the desert with The Vaccines on dazzling new single 'Alone Star'.

With the release of their fifth studio album fast approaching, The Vaccines latest single will only boost fans excitement. Accompanied by a new video directed by Mexican filmmaker, Santiago Arriaga, the band have a clear idea of the imagery they want to evoke both visually and musically.

Opening with a rich twanging guitar lead that instantly provides images of Westerns, the song hurtles you into the back of a classic convertible cruising through the Las Vegas desert as the full ensemble joins in. 

Lead singer, Justin Young’s bright vocals jump to the front as he sets the tone of the track, underpinned by quick, plucky guitars. 

Lyrically this song further explores the emotions and human experience portrayed in the world of ‘Love City’ that the band have displayed on the previous two singles. 

A place of emotional commodity encouraged through a capitalist market of purchasable top-ups. Young notes that the ‘truth is often loaded’ while acknowledging and excusing his ‘too trusting’ behaviour, as he adjusts to the new expectations. The Western-style riff returns, pushed along by the constant beat of the drums as the song prepares for its chorus. Backed by strong, blaring horns, the chorus dazzles as 

Young sings the simple yet undeniable groove of camaraderie at its most basic level. Filled to the brim with an unmistakable hopefulness, ‘Alone Star’ urges you to come together and dance. 

Throughout the track and the singles that have come before, The Vaccines have thoroughly set the scene in the dystopian landscape of ‘Love City’. Their use of catchy and attention grabbing motifs that repeat, build, and grow throughout each track plays beautifully to the themes being explored. The notion that basic human needs and emotions are treated like pay-as-you-go phones in this hidden neon metropolis. 

Characters crave ordinary relationships yet are innately driven by the new “improved” structure, perfectly playing as a subtle analysis of the modern condition in a constantly advancing world off the back of forced separation. 

With the forthcoming album, ‘Back In Love City’ set for release on the 10th of September, The Vaccines have come into their own over the past year with their sound reinvention and their exciting conceptual exploration. 

Dan Hayes


Image: The Vaccines 'Alone Star' Official Artwork (PRESS)

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