Saturday, August 21, 2021

Circa Waves return to Brixton Academy with a bang

Circa Waves played their final show of their tour last night at the O2 academy, Brixton. If you are a dedicated gig goer like me, you would know that the final night of a tour is always the messiest, especially after 18 months of no live music. My God, did Circa Waves put on one hell of a messy, crazy and vibrant show. 

Not only did Kieran kick off the show with ‘Wake Up’, a Circa Waves classic from their debut album which was always guaranteed to get the crowd moving, but also confetti cannons shot confetti everywhere, which are usually reserved for the end of a gig.

It’s safe to say that Circa Waves quite literally returned to London with a bang. The band’s fiery entrance gave the audience a sneak peek of what’s yet to come, starting the party in the very opening chords of the first track. The opening song was then followed by ‘Fossils’ and ‘Get Away' before Kieran introduced the band to the crowd...not like they needed an introduction however. 

In true alternative/indie style, the band then opened up the mosh pit with ‘Sorry I’m Yours’. Kieran encouraged the crowd to create an energetic giant mosh pit in the middle of the crowd, one of the largest I have ever seen at a gig. The band ensured that the crowd was safe however, by asking the audience to help anyone up if they fell. 

This Circa Waves gig was certainly like no other. Kieran momentarily stopped the gig as a member of the crowd had a very important question to ask his girlfriend, a sweet heartfelt moment where two minutes later the couple ended up engaged, a moment the couple will never forget, and I’m certainly sure the band will also treasure this moment forever. The crowd were almost too happy to help celebrate this memorable moment.

The band then proceeded to play some of their well known songs, including ‘Move to San Francisco’, ‘Sad Happy’ and ‘Fire That Burns’, all of which had the crowd moving and singing their hearts out. 

The band then sang ‘Lemonade’, a track which got the crowd singing along word for word and Kieran encouraged the crowd to put their mate’s on their shoulders. The view of the stage was lost in a sea of waving arms and silhouettes of people on shoulders. You could quite literally hear the crowd’s voices merge into one and echo around the venue. The song is usually accompanied by Alfie Templeman, but tonight Joe stepped up to provide vocals. 

This was followed by ‘Goodbye’, a rather heavier track which brought back the mosh pit  and ‘Stuck in My Teeth’, one of Circa Waves’ best known songs. The crowd then sang along to ‘The Way We Said Goodbye’, the sound of the crowd singing along brought a tear to my eye. This was a moment that we have been waiting for for far too long.

Kieran then asked if there was anyone called Jacqueline in the crowd, so he could dedicate the entitled track to someone in the audience. Alas, there was not, but the audience were happy to sing along regardless. 

If you were a Circa Waves fan then you know that no Circa Waves gig is complete without ‘T-Shirt Weather’. The tune is the band's most truly iconic song, and is why the crowd was surprised when the bands exited the stage without playing it. However, after an encore from the crowd the band were swiftly back to play two of their most well known songs, ‘Movies’, and of course, ‘T-Shirt Weather’. The crowd was still so full of energy and moshed, danced and sung to the very last chord of T-Shirt Weather. Honestly, how could you not do that iconic song? Circa Waves certainly knew how to keep a crowd going. 

The gig finished with yet another confetti cannon, and also where Kieran, Joe, and Colin Sam had a little party with the crowd. With Sandstorm- Darude playing on the speaker, this quickly turned the gig into a rave, with Kieran throwing pints into the crowd before leaving the stage for the last time. 

Let me tell you that this was a gig that was well worth waiting 18 months for, it was like live music had never been away. It was incredible. 

Rosie Morrison


Image: Rosie Morrison

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