Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bones in Butter Make Prog-Rock Cool Again!

Hailing from Switzerland, Milutin Krasevic always wanted to pursue a career in music, but thought it sensible to concentrate on his translating skills in hopes of a comfortable life. 

However, after a move to Belgrade and with years still working on his music in his spare time under his belt, the artist decided to finally chase his dreams, and the results are remarkable.  

‘So Alone’ is the latest offering from Bones in Butter, the pseudonym for Krasevic’s musical output, and a follow-up to the superb, genre-defying 2020 EP – ‘Love or Fear’. 

Commencing with an echoing distant synth riff straight out of the 80’s, the track bursts into life as drums kick in and a cacophony of instruments and ethereal backing vocals pulsate through the airwaves. It’s a strong start that leaves no doubt of Krasevic’s musical talent, nor does it lend you to believe he is fine to be boxed in by musical genre norms.  

The menacing lyrical delivery only adds to the intriguing sound of the track, as the monotone voice of Krasevic is offset by the other-worldly female backing vocals. “Your time is up / and you are so alone now” states the singer, in typically looming fashion, yet the sterling production and multitude of instruments accompanying the vocals only add to the intrigue that ‘So Alone’ manages to conjure. 

The song again surprises as it breaks down into a surprising clarinet solo that once again acknowledges the supreme talent of the artist. The fact the solo doesn’t feel out of place highlights the craziness of the track, yet it is that craziness that makes it as endearing as it is. 

Bones in Butter has truly created something unique with their latest release. It harks back to the glory days of 70’s prog-rock, yet the lack of melancholy in the lyrics hint to a much more futile view of the world that seems to be an insidious aspect of modern life. It’s a sound that may be seen by many to be inaccessible, however, with such superb musicianship and production, it’s hard not to respect the world that Krasevic can create in a 3-minute song. 

James Ogden 

Image: So Alone Official Single Artwork 

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