Monday, August 30, 2021

Big Thief Release Big New Tune, ‘Little Things’

Brooklyn-based, indie-rockers Big Thief, known for their distinctive, alternative tone and melodic rhythms, have just released their second single of the year in the form of ‘Little Things.’

Little Things’ is a nostalgic track. Its upbeat tempo and clean guitar and bass tones are reminiscent of the early music released by indie-rock/lofi-pop legends Mac DeMarco and The 1975. The composition itself fits perfectly under the ‘road trip’ and ‘main character’ headers that are so often referred to when speaking about indie music in the 21st century. We know not yet the formula that relates to creating a song that ticks both of these boxes, however – by the sound of things – Big Thief seem to know what they are doing.  


The drums and guitars are the first things the listener notices when listening to ‘Little Things’ for the first time. They are the centerpiece of the track and set the layout and tempo for how the composition will proceed. The instruments are played in perfect harmony and accompanied by the bass; the track seems to elevate to another level. ‘Little Things’ is one of those few songs that when one listens to them, they are taken away. Taken to a place of their own imagination where all that can be heard is the song in all its glory. It belongs in a movie, where the car is driving solo along the coast. It is free-spirited, but more importantly, ‘Little Things’ is carefree. That is what makes a great love song. 


When stripped back, it is a powerful, romantic piece. With lyrics such as “the little things I like about you / how you say when you say what you do” and “New York City is a crowded place / I still lose sight of every other face,” a notion of pure love and desire is formed. Remove the instruments and what you have left is a letter to a loved one expressing how much they mean to somebody. That -in itself- is special. Now, combine that with the impressive guitar, drum, bass, and pad layers, and the outcome is simple. A masterpiece.

Charles Scarrott


Image: Big Thief Official ‘Little Things’ Track Artwork (PRESS)

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