Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Lazy Eyes Drop Psychedelic New Hit ‘The Island’

Australian psychedelic indie-rockers The Lazy Eyes are known for creating vibrant sounding tracks with positive meaning. 

Hailing from Sydney, they are a part of the new indie-rock wave emanated from Australia over the past decade.

Their style and discography, however, make them unique. Even in a contemporary culture where indie-rock is becoming increasingly popular amongst a growing variety of demographics, The Lazy Eyes continue to shine. 

And the band have continued this upward trajectory with the release of a recent single, ‘The Island’.


The East-Coasters claim that the single was written and recorded around the idea of an imaginary utopia. The magical place in question embodies the sense of escapism that the band often relate to when writing music for other projects. Creating a piece of musical art around the utopian island itself seemed like a natural move.


Fans of The Lazy Eyes will relate to this idea at the core of the band’s music, as ‘The Island’ offers up a distinct, abstract view of life to each listener. The concept of creating music around a fictional place stimulates the imagination and provokes the reader to question what their own idea of utopia might be.


The elusiveness of the track and its overall vibe bears similarity to the sound of Tame Impala. With its pads and synths combined with guitar rhythms, which themselves accompany choruses and other reverb effects, The Lazy Eyes have created a serotonin-releasing masterpiece. The sheer exuberance of their work is infectious and immediately creates a good mood in its listener.


In music, it is often difficult to truly inspire others, but judging by this track and the other songs on their new EP ‘EP2’, it appears that the quartet has done so with ease…


‘The Island’ is a musical project that inspires people to dream and conjure up their own version of paradise. On this ground alone, The Lazy Eyes should be commended.



Charles Scarrott




Image: The Lazy Eyes Official ‘The Island’ Track Artwork (PRESS) 


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