Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Blinders reimagine some of their top tracks on new album ‘The Lounge Lizard Sessions’

A year after the release of their third album, ‘Fantasises of a Stay At Home Psychopath’, The Blinders are set to release a brand new live album, ‘The Lounge Lizard Sessions’

This new record will be made up of reimagined songs from their latest release, as well as some fan favourites, the likes of ‘ICB Blues’.

The aim of this record was to compose songs more suited to the current climate. The Blinders used the pandemic to their advantage and spent their time refining their sound and exploring new avenues. As soon as you hear the opening notes of ‘I Want Gold’, you get struck with this new sound. Not the powerful guitar riffs and bass lines we’re used to, but a beautiful melody played on the piano, a new touch for The Blinders. 

This introduction of new instruments has added this intense depth to their songs, elevating what already were fantastic tunes, to a whole new level. 

‘ICB Blues’, a stand-out song for The Blinders that has remained one of their biggest tracks through the years. What was originally a fast-paced song with a punchy guitar riff, has now morphed into this mellow, almost jazz-inspired composition. The guitar is just as powerful in this rendition, but this version allows the lyrics to stand out and be heard. The importance of what lead singer Thomas Haywood is addressing in this track is even more relevant to what is going on in the world today.

‘Black Glass’ another stand-out track, allows us to hear Thomas’ vocals supported solely by piano. They’ve created an almost dark, post-punk ballad, unlike anything we’ve heard from them before, highlighting just how good this band really are. This song allows us as the audience to form a connection with the band, something that can sometimes be lost in the hustle and bustle of rock music. 

‘Where No Man Comes’ is a nod to The Doors almost, or so it sounds. The Jim Morrison esc vocals paired with the bluesy guitar solos and bassline create such a compelling sound, you’re instantly drawn into it. 

The final song on the album ‘Mule Track’, their most popular song on Spotify, is a complete spin on the original track in the best of ways. When you hear the first release of the track you can hear how it would feel to watch it live in a jam-packed venue with everyone jumping in unison. This newly composed version takes a much softer approach. The depth the additional instruments bring to this tune transports it to another level, making it feel more intimate, as if it’s addressed to us the listeners.

The band made clear their intent with this new live album, they wanted to develop a greater connection with their audience. Something that felt impossible with the current situation. But they’ve succeeded in creating something that makes us feel like even if we’re sat at home listening to this on vinyl, mentally we are there watching them live. 

Make sure to check out ‘The Lounge Lizard Sessions’ when it’s released, it’s not one you want to miss.

Catherine Frediani


Image: The Blinders- ‘The Lounge Lizard Sessions'

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