Saturday, July 24, 2021

Summer is officially here with Vistas’ latest anthem ‘Young Forever’

Following the major success of their debut album ‘Everything Changes in the End’ in May 2020, Edinburgh-made indie rockers Vistas have given us a fiercely vibrant display of what we can expect to hear from them. 

This three-minute wave of electricity is exactly what fans have yearned for ever since.

Young Forever’ takes mellow lyrics over the band’s classic upbeat instrumentals to create their signature catchy guitar rock - the contrast between the sounds of the instruments and vocalist Prentice Robertson’s silvery voice cannot go unnoticed. 

It is the simplicity of this that captures the hearts of fans. Vista’s distinctive sound is ever-present.

There is no denying the warmth this single brings is a feeling many of us have been anticipating since the band’s announcing of a second album. 

The song opens with talks of a happier time, a time we “can’t ignore” and the longing to stay there with the people you love. It is how many of us have felt throughout the past year of lockdowns and not knowing when we will be able to live so freely again. ‘Young Forever’ is the hope we have all been waiting to feel - the lyrics giving me chills as I sit listening to the thrash of musical serotonin. I can feel it soaring through me as the tempo increases back into the chorus.

Young forever and ever with you

The repetition of the chorus “Young forever with me / Young forever and ever with you” gives the song such a dreamy vibe, almost a feeling of circles as they play. It creates a sense of togetherness, coming out of a time we don’t want to go back to. This is a song listeners want to bounce to. There is no limit to what the Scottish trio can produce, and ‘Young Forever’ is only the beginning.

Vistas embark on their first headline UK tour since 2019 this coming September with their second album, ‘What Were You Hoping To Find?,’ streaming on all major platforms on August 20th, and I have no doubt we can expect the same energy this song provokes when they hit the stage. Will I see you there?

Lottie Murphy


Image: 'Young Forever' Official Single Artwork

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