Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Scottish highland band, Forgotten Garden, release haunting new single ‘Jessica’

Indie rock band Forgotten Garden’s newest cut is a hauntingly beautiful tale well worth the listen.

Formed in 2019, the vocals of Forgotten Garden are supplied by Inês Dias Rebelo whilst Danny Elliot plays most of the instruments for the band. Although both live in the North of Scotland, Ines is originally from Portugal. 

As an Indie Rock band that are primarily influenced by dark post punk/gothic, they have waded into more acoustic waters with this newest track.


The new single dives deep into the struggle of a woman trying to find inner peace after experiencing domestic trauma. Ines expresses the struggle angelically with her soft vocals, allowing the listener to follow the story along with her. The slow tempo set by the drums and the dreamy echoey synths compliment the lead vocals perfectly, adding to the ambience created by the haunting lyrics.


A gentle guitar can be heard consistently throughout the track which slowly guides the song, adding direction and rhythm along with the drums. The rather linear and simple production of the song allows the instruments to be left to their natural state. Over-tweaking is avoided in the production, enabling the track to ebb and flow as it needs. The mix is well produced as each instrument has its own lane and is allowed to add what it should to the track. It is important that tracks like this, which cover such subject matters, are not overly produced/mixed as there is the risk of diluting the importance of the lyrics and the lead vocals.


Some of the lyrics in this track are absolutely gorgeous and really showcase Danny’s song writing ability. The lyrics pair perfectly with the guitar and beat of the drums, weaving both the music and the lyrics, beautifully. They also describe the subject matter of this song really well, tackling a heavy topic in such a poignant way. Specifically, the lyric “Always looking for something new / always finding shades of blue” is a personal favourite of mine.


I take my hat off to this band for raising awareness of this issue. To be able to cover such a tough subject matter so delicately is a real tribute to their artistic talent. 


Dan Jones

@DanJonesNews @danjones_98

Image: Jessica Official Single Artwork

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