Monday, July 26, 2021

Rock & Roll Is Not Dead: Harm & Ease Excite Fans With Latest Single ‘Cut Me Loose’

Toronto-based modern rock band, Harm & Ease, are beloved among their fans for channelling the Rock & Roll icons of the 60s and 70s into a 21st-century context. Their eagerly awaited single, ‘Cut Me Loose’, has been well-received upon its recent debut. 

The single sees lead vocalist Rylan Whalen lamenting a tempestuous love affair, backed by expert guitar riffs from John Goodblood and Danny Lopez, and an invigorating drumbeat from Alex Hamnett. 

The chorus playfully contrasts moments of silence and sound, making the titular line “she loved me then she cut me loose” all the more intoxicating. After a brief moment of isolation, Whalen’s powerful vocals are integrated once again into the artfully crafted track.


Although the band are yet to release an official music video, their lyric video is an impressive placeholder. The visuals mirror the song’s lyrics in their depiction of lust, danger, and betrayal, following a host of animated characters as they move through a world of old-school mob violence. The minimalist colour scheme is reminiscent of the iconic 1983 Scarface poster, while the cigar-smoking, knife-wielding mobsters pay homage to the classics of Film Noir. 


Similarly, the band’s 2020 single, ‘Cannonball’, was accompanied by an animated music video that married each of the members’ unique looks with the psychedelic cartoon art style made famous by The Beatles, ‘Yellow Submarine’. Despite being relatively new to the scene (their first album, ‘Wonderful Changes’, was released in 2017) Harm & Ease have not been shy about establishing their name among the Goliaths of Rock & Roll, covering songs by artists such as The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie. 


Their self-confidence is certainly not unfounded, and their music is rapidly gaining traction after a recent collaboration with indie rock band Walk off the Earth, as well as through their growing platform on social media. From their original formation in the suburbs of Ontario, Harm & Ease continue to prove that Rock & Roll is not dead; it’s just moved to Canada. 

Alicia Byrne


Image: Harm & Ease Cut Me Loose Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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