Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Point Lobo release dreamy lo-fi indie track ‘Helen’s Song’

Los Angeles based Miles Senzaki, better known as Point Lobo, has an extensive musical career from writing songs in his bedroom to touring as a drummer with The Pharcyde. 

June 23rd marked his fourth release of the year, the dreamy hypnotic ‘Helen’s Song’. Offering a delightful insight into what to expect from his upcoming EP, the track indulges in poetic lyricism and a relatability that dazzles second-to-none.

Many of Senzaki’s songs draw inspiration from the aesthetics of lo-fi pop artists, such as Men I Trust, which is present within the production and instrumentation of ‘Helen’s song’, whilst also blending together others styles and creating a distinct and versatile sound. 

In the description of ‘Helen’s Song.’ Senzaki notes, that as well as channeling the style of lo-fi within the song, he also imagined it to “be the soundtrack to a lost episode of Twin Peaks, but scored by Wilco or Bowie."

Creating an aura of peace and tranquility, the lo-fi cut emits a soothing energy that transports and transcends in a way that Senzaki makes seem all too easy. Flawlessly constructed and produced, the delicate, atmospheric vocals perfectly complement the repetitive synth and smooth instrumentation.

The upcoming EP ‘Tacoma Narrows’ is set for release on July 21st, the first single from the EP ‘Broken Parts’ was released earlier this year. 


Lian Lak 

Image: Point Lobo 'Helen's Song' Official Single Artwork  

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