Monday, July 05, 2021

Mild Headache Blend Pop-Punk and Indie Influences On ‘Near Me’

Birmingham-based indie and punk band Mild Headache released their new single ‘Near Me’ on 2nd July. It is the band’s first release of 2021, and and follows on from their previous single ‘17’. The new track was recorded at the RML studios in Wolverhampton with Ryan Pinson, and mastered by Loic Gaillard.

‘Near Me’ has a distinct summer feel to it. It incorporates a blend of different genres including pop punk and rock, along with some more indie influences. The verses, which are the heaviest part of the song, are packed with dense and layered guitars and crashing drums. However, the track becomes more melodic during the pre-chorus and the chorus.

The pre-chorus consists of a couplet of singalong lyrics, with catchy and memorable rhymes (“I’m in love with the thought of empathy / I’m in love with the sound of sympathy”). This provides build up to the chorus, which is the obvious highlight of the song. The rhythm of this section of the track captures a skate-punk sound, which is comparable with modern pop punk bands such as State Champs and Neck Deep.

This sound is considerably different to their previous single ‘17’, which takes on a more Midwest emo and indie sound. Meanwhile, 2019’s ‘Suit & Tie’ incorporated post-punk influences. Mild Headache spent 2020 mastering their craft and finding their sound, which is demonstrated by their successful experimentation with new and different influences on ‘Near Me’.

The band have confirmed via a recent Instagram post that they have something else coming after ‘Near Me’. This suggests that there is a possibility of an upcoming EP from the band, or perhaps a full-length album, which will be released in the near future. This will be their first project since 2019’s 4-track self-titled EP ‘Mild Headache’.

Gemma Cockrell


Image: 'Near Me' Official Single Artwork

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