Saturday, July 31, 2021

Maxwell Varey Captures Taps Into The Tropical On New Track – ‘Psycho’

Following up from the release of the excellent debut track ‘Lucid’, Maxwell Varey confirms that he knows how to produce a banger that harbours hidden depths in its production and lyrics. 

Opening with a distant echo of the rainforest, the fresh-sounding ‘Psycho’ turns effortlessly into a laid-back summer tune, whilst the Wigan native's cool and calm vocal performance add to the chilled vibe of his crisp new release. 


As the natural sound of the opening dissipates, ethereal synths and funk-fuelled bass lines, matched by a hypnotic drum groove, truly kick the song into life. Its insatiable rhythm accompanied by an understated production allow ‘Psycho’ to feel both condensed and airy, creating a fresh and vibrant sound that fits perfectly into the summer heat. 

As the music fades into single reverbed guitar strums and Varey’s strained voice, we find a track that could go in any direction. However, the artist keeps the song upbeat and sun-tinged, and galloping drums and oscillating synths as the chorus arrives. “When you’re on my mind, I’m psycho in the nights”, exclaims the singer, in what is easily one of the simplest yet catchiest choruses of the summer so far. With slick 80’s inspired guitar joining the subsequent chorus, Varey’s nous for merging modern chillwave music with classic indie rock staples becomes abundantly clear on the latter half of the single. 

Nearing the end of the track, we once more find the singers ability to take a song on an unexpected tangent. Acoustic guitars accompany a more haunted and strained Varey before the song crescendo’s again into its funky and upbeat chorus fit with its trademark snappy drums and reverbed synths. It’s a fitting end to the song as the music fades back out into the jungle from which it emerged. 

Listening to ‘Psycho’, with its sun-soaked sound and provocative lyrics, it’s easy to notice how accomplished Varey is for someone so young. I hope his music once again returns from the hidden depths of the jungle it sunk into before the summer is out. 

James Ogden 

Image: Official Single Artwork 

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