Tuesday, July 20, 2021

King No-One beautifully magnifies the impotent feeling that love thrusts upon us

King No-One has grown immensely since their busking days in 2013, creating incredible singles to join the top tier of music all the time. Joining the scene only fairly recently, they have skyrocketed into the industry and now frequently sell out major venues for their gigs; it is clear that the public adore the work of these three talented and creative musicians. 

Their new, single ‘Apologies’ musically describes the troubles and incessant feelings that come with being painfully in love; making the band’s hopes to represent how “you are helpless in controlling the feelings involved” tremendously triumphant. 

This is made clear from the lyrics “Rather sorry that I’m stuck in this love” and is an attitude that many of us know all too well. 

Through this, they have successfully created an unspoken connection between them and their listeners; the description of how captivating love can become allows the band to produce a single that is engaging, beautiful, and one that others can reflect upon regarding relationships and their own personal feelings. 

To their listeners, King No-One has perfectly described the bittersweet tendencies of this, and it encourages the enjoyment of its compositional and melodical beauty, alongside the marvelous lyrics; it’s certainly an adaptable song that one may dance or even cry to.


For anyone listening, it is easy to understand where these lyrics stem from, with universal over-apologising becoming increasingly inherent in relationships across the world. The painful feeling of unrequited and unfulfilled love is conveyed consistently through this song, with the steady beat and rhythm adding to the hopefulness of becoming grounded in this love.


The lyrics “A part of me is on the run” further talks of the split that comes with love, rational and irrational reasoning. You may realise the lack of fulfillment and begin to move on, but this song focuses on the aching feeling of being trapped in it regardless.


As the song reaches its end, the music’s texture is layered and instrumentals become more frequent, adding to the unpredictable nature of the song reflecting that of love itself.


Abby Price


Image: King No-One ‘Apologies’ Official Single Cover


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