Saturday, July 17, 2021

Here it is! Jelly Crystal’s Latest Track is an Introspective Voyage of Platonic Love

Released through Smuggler Music, Jelly Crystal’s latest single ‘Never Met A Cloud That I Didn’t Like’ blends quintessential psychedelic sounds with the rawness of drum beats inspired by Africa. Featuring close friend and frontman of Off The Meds, Kamohelo, the song takes you on an introspective voyage of what it truly means to be in a long-term friendship.

‘Never Met A Cloud That I Didn’t Like’ is Jelly Crystal’s second single from his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Freak Show’. The creative spirit behind Jelly Crystal is Stockholm-based artist Filip Johnson, and his already proven success will only grow after his album drops in September.

At first listen, ‘Never Met a Cloud That I Didn’t Like’ is not too dissimilar to the effervescent quality that psychedelic music brought to the scene in the 70s. But there’s also something quite idiosyncratic with the contrast between Jelly Crystal’s intense vocals and the airy harmonies sprinkled throughout. It creates an almost melodic balance, allowing you to drift above the clouds whilst also keeping you rooted on the earth.

The track is structured like a conversation, and the lyrics evoke a sense of realness between Jelly Crystal and Kamohelo, with each of them sharing separate monologues that ultimately come together as one.

In the verse, Jelly Crystal sings “I never met such a lunatic that makes me sick / I never had all these look-a-likes by my side”, commenting on how our friends often reflect who we are deep down. Towards the end, Kamohelo makes his entrance, and brings in an energetic layer to the track, with his lyrics creating a sense of realism in this otherwise surreal song: “You always had excuses for your fucking doings / you wanted everyone to comprehend your wrongs”. Here, Kamohelo speaks about the difficulties that friendships can present; the things we let slide and ignore, and the things we have no choice but to confront.

Speaking about the single, Jelly Crystal says, “How many times have you looked up at a cloud and got tired of it? The song is about people in your life that you can’t get enough of, despite the ups and the downs, you hold on tight to them.”


‘Never Met a Cloud That I Didn’t Like’ is a testimony to all the friendships that have survived. And whilst it’s a personal story between Jelly Crystal and Kamohelo, it’s simultaneously a bespoke auditory experience. It’s about the people who have come into our lives and have made such an impact, you can’t imagine an existence without them. The track has the ability to emphasise the emotions and memories we associate with those very people.

So if you’re looking for some truly wholesome lyricism mixed in with hypnotizing compositions, you’ve found it. 

Náoimí Smyth


Image: Jelly Crystal Official Album Cover (PRESS)

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