Friday, July 16, 2021

Far from painful, Melό delights with ‘Cigarette Scars’

Melό has instantly impressed us with her first, individually produced track, ‘Cigarette Scars’. Delivering us with breathy and emotional vocals, ambient textures, and a stellar bass, Melό has certainly not disappointed any of her listeners.

Meló’s latest track has demonstrated her ability to play with various genres, and given us a taste for her upcoming EP, ‘Youthless’ – which is set to be released over the summer. 

Although, it must be said how different this track is from her previous releases. For instance, ‘Castle’ is far more poppy, whilst ‘Counting Sheep’ is acoustic-driven, and clearly inspired by Beabadoobee.  

The most striking part about ‘Cigarette Scars’ is the bass; it isn’t often that you can come across such an assertive bassline from a new artist, but Meló has nailed it. Although the bass is mastered resoundingly, considering the nature of the track, it melds flawlessly into the guitar chords and drum pattern.

The soundscape reflects Meló’s vulnerability, whilst recollecting memories of her manipulation, and subsequent poor mental health. “Was I always just the ashtray right from the star”, Meló laments in a dark, yet soothing melody, reaching to the very core of your soul.

Cigarette Scars’ opens the door for the discussion of mental health within her music, destigmatizing the effects of mental illness. Ultimately, she creates a freer and more productive discussion, highlighting how we should all care for each other.

Throughout the track, Meló’s cigarette scars are rendered as more than a physical memory. By contrast, the cigarette scars are a powerful metaphor for the damage that her past relationships have left her with. Meló establishes the importance of opening up, which is certainly something that I’d like to see other artists encouraging - especially when it is delivered so well!

Melό has certainly left an impression on her listeners. She is an exciting unknown at present, operating out of London. It will definitely be worth trying to keep an eye out for any of the local shows that she might announce post-COVID. 

Reece Ritchie

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Image: Melό - Cigarette Scars press shot 

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