Monday, July 12, 2021

Andi Rella Details Her Bittersweet Break-Up With New Single, ‘Best U Ever Had’

New York-based singer-songwriter, Andi Rella, has released her new single, ‘Best U Ever Had’.

Best U Ever Had’ is the title track to Andi’s first full-length album, set to be released July 8th. The track runs in the same musical vein as Rella’s previous EP releases, ‘Tequila Baby’ (2020) and ‘The After Party’ (2019): dream-pop with gritty trap undertones.

The song explores the frustration and confusion that inevitably comes with an on-off relationship. More importantly, ‘Best U Ever Had’ discusses the bold decision to finally call it quits, “I gotta break this chain”.

In her recent Instagram post, Rella described the song as an important cathartic experience, a necessary moment to start the healing process.  

The song’s instrumentation calls back to classic 80s movie soundtracks, featuring layered synths pulsating throughout. This acts as a comforting backdrop for Andi’s lyrics, allowing her to, at times, be brutally honest and direct about her feelings, “Whatever happened to that girl from school / you said she’s different and somehow she gets you”. As steady acoustic drums are introduced and gradually drive the song forward, Rella brings a strong delivery of rap-like vocals, taking centre stage and enticing the listener.

The pop-princess has also treated fans to an accompanying music video, symbolising the painful but brave act of letting go of the past. As Rella states, “I’m happy staying in memories / so I just hope you remember me as the best you’ve ever had”, we see her burning old belongings in a fire, and it becomes obvious that she is ready to release that which no longer serves her. 

Best U Ever Had’ is the epitome of a bittersweet breakup song, an ode to a certain special moment in time. It acknowledges both the love that was once alive but also that, ultimately, it's not always enough to fuel a substantial relationship. Andi Rella has mastered tackling an emotional subject with grace and maturity, without disregarding her own experience.

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

IMAGE: Best U Ever Had Official Single Artwork (PRESS)

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